Life at Girls Hostel in Coimbatore

There are various types of hostels Some hostels are maintained cleaner than others, some hostels has more fun than others, and some will provide better value for mone than others.

Life at dorm room Sharing

This is a topic mostly asked often. “Is it safe to stay in mixed dorms” or “Will my belongings be safe in a dorm room”. Sometimes even “What if the in my roommates don’t like me?”

Be Yourself and enjoy life

My best points for you to remember is during your first time in a shared dorm room is to just be yourself. If you’re exhausted because you’ve been travelling for hours and just want to get an early night – don’t care about whether your roommates will think you’re boring! Take rest and relax to become free from your tiredness.


When it comes to tidiness, you should be accommodative to get used to stepping over a few people’s bags and sliding their towel out of the way so you can climb up into your bunk. This may be a shock for those of you who have never shared a bedroom, but overall it’s a lesson in patience. It’s also a lesson in learning to talk with others and make compromises.

Meeting people from different walks of life

This is my favorite part about hostel travel.

Budget travelers, business men and women, digital nomads, families, adventure-seekers, bookworms, yoga-nuts, climbers, musicians – these are all examples of people you may meet in hostels. Not to mention the range of religions and nationalities that walk through hostel doors every day in Coimbatore.